Chandru's rule of Gender selection

Chandru's rule of Gender selection
In the past there was no way to find out the sex of the baby.  The ultrasound scanner wasn't invented until the 1960's so up until that time, if you wanted to know what you were having you simply had to wait for the big day or rely on the old wives tales for gender.
Peoples spent lot of money to decide their offspring’s gender. Nowadays knowing the gender of the baby after conception is so simple as an urine test. Science has come with certain methods like “designer baby” which allows people to select their baby’s gender by the genetics engineering techniques. I strongly hope that the gender of the unborn baby is decided even before the sexual intercourse of the couple, relying on their characteristic qualities and quantities

But to my knowledge, so far, science has not come with  a proper explanation by which the gender of the human offspring is decided by nature even before the conception.Yes it is determined even before the conception. I propose here a new theory which explains how nature decides the gender of the to-be-born baby. Here a family, may be considered as a system. Individual is an element of the system. The Chandru’s rule of gender selection evolves thus,

The knowledge and the involvement of individuals decide the gender of the  baby, in a way as to  bring an equilibrium in the system of family between masculine and feminine, qualities and quantities

You need not to go to a sophisticated laboratory to test this theory. You can check this, with the families of relatives and families in the  surrounding environment.
Particularly the males who are having more Masculine identities like physique, mustache, masculine voice, and males like leaders notorious, famous,  and  the male serving with uniform like police, military will  have their  first child as girl.!
When we look in to the families of famous peoples we can know about the reliability of  chandru's  rule of gender  selection. The Ulaga  Nayagan, the south Indian famous film star Kamal Hasan has only two daughters. South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth also has two daughters. Where as Indira gandhi had two sons. Jawhar lal Nehru had one daughter. The Actor Ajith has a daughter where as Vijay has only boy.( In this calculations you should consider the time of marriage.)
Let us take, for example, in a newly married couple if the male is handicapped or less masculine or somewhat less attractive in appearance or chubby  and if the female is more charm, beautiful, allure , attractive and efficient then you can confirm that the first four or five children  to this couple will be of male gender.  

Thus, there is some kind of an equilibrium is being established in the system of family between masculine and feminine strength. 

It is just an example ,you can think of the numerous possibilities with the factors defining masculine and feminine qualities. Because masculine and feminine qualities may differ from community to community.
Alternatively male with mustache, brave, robust, handsome, fair, leadership will have more girl children than boy provided the female partner with ordinary qualities.
If the female partner possesses more feminine and more modesty, then it will bring only girl babies. Here I give some situations, by analyzing these you can get a complete picture of chandru’s rule of gender selection.   The situation must be judged before the conception
1) In general and most probably the love marriage couple will have a girl child first.
2) If the newly married couple surrounded by more male individuals like friends and brothers of male partner in the living environment then  it is certain that they will have girl babies. Here the strength is counter balanced  by numbers.
3) If the husband is grumpy, impolite, unsociable  and bad tempered than his wife, then the couple will have girl children. 
4) The  coward, and the man who is afraid of his wife will have only male children, how many children maybe.

5)If the husband is more stylish than the wife then the first baby will be a girl.

Here I give a list of factors which are considered to be the strength of masculine and feminine characters in the system of a family.( In Indian living style) I tried to arrange them in the order of  their priority.
1.  Physique (Appearance)
2.  The number of male and female members in the family
3.  Sexual interest and ability
3.  Courage,
4.  Beauty
5.  Wealth,(Income)
6.  Personality,
7.  Tradition
8.  Bravery,
9.  Ferocity
10. Fame,
11. Style
12. Knowledge,
 These factors should be calculated independently, from the individual’s view point. We can easily calculate these factors, by making the couple to answer individually to a questionnaire. Thus the masculine character should be evaluated by the female partner and the feminine character should be evaluated by the male partner.
If there is any error arrives in the result , then it would be the  problem in the  standard of the scale taken to measure the masculine and feminine qualities. I will come with a questionnaire in my next post. Your suggestion or comment to modify this theory is welcome.
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Chandru said...

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சமுத்ரா said...

nice one..but dont know whether these things are true

Chandru said...

Samutra thank you for your visit and comment.
You can easily verify this, by applying this rule to family having newly born baby. Take three or five such families in a gathering to get a result.
If the baby is male then the male partner should be submissive in character and vice verse

Map enthusiast said...

Recently I was travelling by an auto on a Vaikunta Ekadesi Day and the driver was quite disillusioned by the fact that inspite of much prayer and padayatra his second child also happens to be a girl and not a boy. I was using the info in your blog (esp the celebrities like rajini or kamal or madan (cartoonist) having two girls and convinced him that he should be proud and not ashamed for not having a boy.

Gender selection is a combination of genetics, environment and of course the chemistry between the pair, the last point being the highlight of the blog.

The sad part is the excessive preference for a boy child over a girl child in many cultures have the roots of older civilisation (Indian, Chinese, Greek, Arab, Romans (ie Italians), Turks etc). These civilisations have seen the ravages of war and desirability of men over female of the species during such time and prefer a boy over a girl.

Whereas in those cultures which have evolved from industrial to current day white collar office environments such a craze of boy child doesnot seem to exist. It is just an individuals prefernce

Chandru said...

Map enthusiast
Thank you for your comment.I am happy to know that you were able to comfort a person with my blog info.That is the real satisfaction and pride to me.Thank you once again.